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"We hired Udi as a SOA specialist for a large scale project where the development was outsourced to India. We are very happy to have Udi in our project. It was a great benefit. We feel good and assured with the knowledge and practice he brings. He doesn't talk over our heads."
Eli Brin, Program Manager at RISCO Group

The Chaos Report shows more software projects failing than ever before, with larger projects twice as likely to fail. On top of the standard difficulties of balancing scope, time, and budget come substantial increases in data, integration, and users. Business stakeholders demand higher levels of availability and lower operating costs with flexibility to changing market conditions.

You've tried technological consultants. You've tried methodology consultants.

It's time for something different
"I trust Udi to tell me what I need to hear, even if I don't want to hear it, ... in a way that I can hear it."
Ward Bell, VP Product Development at IdeaBlade

A consultant experienced in project management & risk mitigation - not just agile.
An expert in enterprise development & software architecture - not just technology.
A helping hand who knows how to listen and tell you what you need to hear.

"Udi is a great listener and manages to simplify challenges in a way that is understandable both for developers and CEOs, and all the specialists in between."
Catherine Hole, Senior Project Manager at the Norwegian Health Network

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Your best and brightest developers and architects set the bar for your development success. They mentor their team members and peers and keep themselves up to date with new technological developments. Instructors at the standard training companies can't compete, let alone train the best people you've got. How do you make your best even better?

You've tried sending people to conferences. Despite seeing many new and interesting approaches and technologies, it seems like there are too many loose ends to put into the practice the things they've seen.

It's time for something different

Techniques with decades of proven use solving tomorrow's toughest challenges.
Pragmatic applications of the latest buzz-words in production-ready ways.
A change in perspective providing leverage over any and all requirements.

On-site and public courses available world-wide - see the schedule.

"This has been one of the best courses I have attended and I have leant a huge amount when tackling SOA design. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has the opportunity to design any SOA based systems regardless of their technical background. As a Java developer I feel I took as much knowledge from the course as other students who come from a .Net background."
Philip Harris London UK
"I recently attended Udi's 'Advanced Distributed Systems Design with SOA' course, and must say it is the best learning experience I've ever had. Udi has the ability to present difficult topics in a structured way that makes them easy to understand."
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"The Advanced Distributed Systems Design training course however warrants a special praise on its own - as it was an unprecedented illustration of professional devotion, no-compromise high-end quality and performance excellence. In addition to clear, "no nonsense" explanation and thorough elaboration via applied examples on fundamentals and commonly-known principles, it also contains a lot of original genuine material that just cannot be found anywhere else. By large margin - the greatest value-for-money training type event that I ever attended!"
Oleg Kiorsak Melbourne AU



Conference attendees are awash with local and international conferences to choose from. Pressed by their managers for justification, attendees turn to the speaker roster. Having the right names speaking at your conference is key to its success.

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With over 5 years experience speaking in over 10 countries at top industry events like Microsoft TechEd, JAOO, and QCon to crowds of hundreds and thousands, Udi keeps them wanting more. Here's what some attendees had to say:

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"You've done it again. Everytime I attend a session of yours I leave the room with new insights and inspiration on how to improve my software..."
"Udi did it again, just a perfect session! It was inspiring, out-of-the-box thinking... just great! Best session I've seen in years."

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